Home Furnaces – Bigger Doesn’t Mean It’s Better

March 3, 2020
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Over time, the furnaces in HVAC systems are subjected to wear and tear, which when left unaddressed, lead to failure and a need for replacement. When you’re out shopping for a furnace, you may be allured by all the big-sized units assuming that they might offer better performance and efficiency. However, in reality, going with a large furnace for your home will likely give birth to more HVAC issues, unless your previous furnace was too small to take up the load of your home.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up three reasons why you should drop the idea of purchasing an oversized furnace for your home.

Uneven Heat Distribution in Different Parts of Home

We have received countless calls from people complaining about cold spots in their homes. It happens when one part or room of the house is left cold, while the others heats up quickly. Though this issue is commonly faced by homeowners because of clogged ducts, a bigger furnace can make it worse. Those rooms that are receiving all the heat, will get uncomfortably hot, while others will remain cold.

Low Efficiency

Home Furnaces

Furnaces don’t reach their optimal efficiency level until they have crossed the warming phase. Unfortunately, an oversized furnace will quickly take your home temperatures to satisfactory levels for your thermostat. The thermostat will then signal the furnace to shut off, before it will reach its efficiency level. As soon as the temperatures go low, furnace will turn on again, quickly heating up, and then shutting down. In such a situation, your gas or electric furnace will use more energy leading to increased utility bills at the end of moth.

Short Life Expectancy

Because an oversized furnace turns needs to restart too often, it has smaller operation cycles. This means that a bigger furnace will exhaust and break down more quickly than a perfectly sized furnace. It may affect other components of your HVAC too, including the heat exchanger and the thermostat itself. In addition to that, an abnormally large furnace will heat up too often damaging other HVAC equipment in your home.

All the above reasons are why it’s better for you to seek assistance from a reliable HVAC contractor like Global Heating and Cooling for installation of the right furnace for your home. We offer top-quality furnace repair Old Town, Bucktown, and other areas in Chicago.

Call us at (773) 801-3734 to learn about our special offers by our hvac contractor Chicago.

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