How to prepare your AC for hot Chicago summer-Air conditioner repair by professional team.

March 30, 2021
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Prevent future problems

This guide will teach you what you can do to avoid problems with your AC during Chicago summer.

1. How is your air flow? Placing your hand near your floor or ceiling registers, do you feel warm, cool, or no air?

2. If there is very little to no air flow, is your outdoor unit running? Is it’s fan spinning? What is the temperature of the air coming out of the outdoor unit?

3. If the outdoor unit is not running, be sure to check the breakers for your furnace or air handler and the air conditioner itself. Should your unit have a condensate pump, it is important to check to make sure its reservoir is not full, causing its limit switch to shut off the unit.

4. Is there any water around the furnace? Do you notice any ice collecting on the lines that connect the indoor and outdoor units, or on your AC coil? If you notice any ice forming, it is important to shut off your unit and call a service technician immediately.

We know that some customers are more comfortable troubleshooting their equipment than others, but when in doubt, please call us. Safety is our priority. By providing us with this knowledge when it is safe to do so, we can come to you more prepared to offer a personalized solution. Should you consider replacing your unit, we offer free, no-obligation estimates by appointment or at the time of service.

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