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“Russel installed my new AC and Furnace last week and did a great job, very professional, tidy installation and worked really hard all day. The new system is great, just in time for this hot weather. I highly recommend them, in fact this is the second system they have installed for me.”

Chris B
Libertyville, IL

Do you suspect that your furnace is functioning at a less than optimal level?

Maybe it is making some strange noises, feeling exceptionally hot, or just not giving off the level heat that you are used to. The most common time of year for furnaces to malfunction is during the late fall or early winter, when they are turned on for the first time in months. Speak with us today to learn more about our furnace installation and repair services in Chicago

Our service technicians are ready to resolve your Furnace repairs fast and efficiently, no matter what brand of system you own or how small or large the repair.

Whatever type of furnace unit you have, it’s a complex system. After years of performance, it can break down and you may need heating system repair. Whether you need furnace repair or are looking for a complete HVAC system installation, the expert technicians at Global Heating and Cooling will provide you with fast, professional service to ensure the highest quality air conditioning and comfort for your home. We offer emergency and routine furnace repair to the residents in Chicago and the surrounding area. Fast, efficient, and always with the highest quality service. Depend on us to fix your heating whenever a problem may arise. We can repair and service most furnaces, boilers for heating systems in the Chicago area.

Common Furnace Problems

Dirty filters or clogs - A clogged air filter can make a furnace have to work harder than usual to circulate air. If the furnace is forced to operate for an extended amount of time with a clogged filter, the furnace can suffer damage.

Overheating - Sometimes a furnace overheats due to improper airflow. This can cause a vicious scycle .

Electrical problems - This could include issues such as a broken ignition or pilot light, and can negatively affect furnace operation

Thermostat malfunction - Sometimes the problem is not with the furnace itself - but with the thermostat. If the thermostat is malfunctioning it can lead to problems that appear to be furnace related.

Age related issues - Older furnaces may cease to function at their optimal level, with an estimated 60% efficiency after ten years. Sometimes repairs are enough to help, and sometimes a full replacement is needed.

Mechanical problems - These can manifest as unnatural noises coming from the furnace, such as rattling or squeaking. A clogged burner or other mechanical problem may need to be addressed.

If you are changing your air filter regularly, and your furnace is still not functioning correctly, Global Heating & Cooling is here to help! Whether your problem stems from something that is already mentioned or not, we will work with you to figure out a solution! Call us at (773) 801-3734 to schedule your free consultation.

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Are you searching for ways to reduce your energy usage, or is your existing furnace inoperable? If so,Global Heating & Cooling can help you determine the most efficient and effective Furnace replacement solution for your home. Global Heating and Cooling offers furnace repair, installation, service in the fallowing area:Fulton River District, River West, Gold Coast, Edgewater, Winnetka, West Loop, Old Town, Roscoe Village, West Town, Lake View, Uptown, Bucktown, Hermosa, Wicker Park, Lincoln Square, Sauganash, Lincoln Park, Ukrainian Village, River North,