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Radiator Installation.

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There are many types of radiators

Did you know that radiators have been used in one form or another since the 1850's as a solution for home heating? The term radiator applies to any heating device in which fluid circulates through exposed pipes. Radiator safety has improved immensely over recent years, as traditional cast iron models used to be considered one of the most dangerous heating solutions. There are various types of radiators used today: hot water radiators, hot water baseboard style radiators, steam radiators, fan-assisted radiators, radiant floor heating, and electric baseboard radiators. The most common type of radiator installed today is the hot-water radiator or the steam radiator. Hot water radiators are now available in a variety of styles to fit any decorating scheme

At Global Heating & Cooling radiator installation is second nature to us! With years of experience, training, and an unparalleled passion for heating and cooling, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our team can help you carefully select the radiator that is the best fit for your home based on your location and home layout, and install it correctly to ensure that the safety of your home and family is protected. While many do-it-yourselfers may try to install radiators themselves, it is just one of those that really should be done by a professional. An incorrectly installed radiator can pose a significant fire risk.

Radiators are hot to the touch and if you choose this heating solution it is important to take precautions to protect pets and children from burns. Radiator covers are also available.

Do you think a radiator is the heating solution for your home?

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