Why Do You Need To Invest In A Humidifier This Winter?

December 25, 2019
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Though winters are a time to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family, the dry air can make it difficult to get cozy indoors. Humidifiers help make your living conditions more comfortable during this time of year. There are a number of reasons why humidifiers are a great investment for the winter.

We’ve put together all the possible reasons why you should have a humidifier installed in your home:

Prevents snoring

Snoring is such a common phenomenon and men are more susceptible to experience it. Snoring mostly affects the partners of those who experience it. It can lead to a restless sleep, which affects their mood and productivity.

Snoring occurs due to the airways getting blocked because of the position we sleep in as well as the low level of moisture in the room. Adjusting the level of moisture in the room can help reduce and even stop you from snoring.

Protects your throat

You must have experienced that dryness in your mouth and throat, come wintertime. It’s quite an uncomfortable feeling and in some cases, can get painful too. You feel the need to sip some water constantly, so your throat doesn’t feel dry.

The dry indoor air also affects your vocal chords and they become dry and scratchy. You could possibly lose your voice and have a hoarse voice for the entire winter due to the inflammation in your throat.

Humidifiers can also help fight against croup, which is common among children. Croup is a virus that causes inflammation in the airways, which leads to severe cough and hoarse voice.

A humidifier can help lubricate your vocal cords and throat, preventing these issues.

Keeps your skin in good condition

Dry air causes dry skin. The cold weather outside already causes the skin to look sallow and grey. A humidifier can help keep your skin plump and looking fresh. Humidifiers also help keep your lips moist. Unlike other parts of the face, lips have no oil-producing glands, which is why they are the first to be affected by dryness.

Alleviates sinus issues and allergies

Dry air is known to dry out your sinus passages. This not only feels uncomfortable, but it can lead to other issues like nose bleeds, headaches, and sinus pressure.

Even a stuffy nose can be alleviated with the right level of humidity, that’s why steam treatments are so good.

Prevents flu germs from spreading

Prevents flu germs from spreading

A study done by the National Academy of Sciences revealed that there’s a strong correlation between dry environments and the spread of the influenza virus. Having a humidifier installed can, therefore, prevent others from getting the flu, especially if someone at home already has it.

Those who are ill would feel much better with a humidifier in place.

If your home’s atmosphere is getting too dry for you this winter, you need a humidifier in your home. Our technicians at Global Heating & Cooling offer humidifier installation Chicago as well as Radiator repair Wicker Park and any other issues you may face with your central heating. Contact us to book an appointment at (773) 801-3734.

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