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High Velocity System.

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(773) 801-3734 “I had a 24 year old AC unit that I needed repaired/replaced. Paul informed me of all my options and possibilities. I trusted his professional opinion and had him and his partner install a new unit. They were both knowledgeable, friendly and worked very diligently. I tried contacting another company and two “handymen” before I found Global. They were by far the only reliable and trustworthy company.”
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Why Choose High Velocity?

High Velocity systems are a small duct heating and air conditioning system that is revered for its ability to fit in areas where traditional ductwork cannot. Global Heating & Cooling is a professional installer of the the top high velocity systems like Unico and SpacePac and can help you weigh your options and decide if whch is the right solution for your home. Both systems are valued for their modular coils and air handlers that are able to be installed in a variety of spaces. The systems can easily fit in wall cavities, existing ceilings, crawlspaces, closets, and attics. Install a new heating and air conditioning system with little or no remodeling required! Whether you need to retrofit the air system in your old home due to problems with an old system, or are selecting a space saving option for new construction, consider a high velocity system installed by Global Heating & Cooling. The Unico System has been shown to remove more humidity than traditional central heating and air conditioning due to the design of the unique and efficient cooling coils. Are you considering The Unico System, but still have a few more questions? Our professional, highly-trained employees know all of the ins and outs of The Unico System, and can help you determine the best method for installing a new system into your existing or future home. Contact us at (773) 801-3734. it’s time to

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All customers who spend $150 or more on services automatically have their standard trip charge waved. Let Global Heating & Cooling increase your family’s comfort with a new Unico System. Get a Free Quote