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Snow Melt System Repairs.

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Do you have a snow melt system that is in need of repairs?

Global Heating & Cooling is your source for all snow melt system repairs. Whether you have a hydronic snow melt system or an electric snow melt system, we can get it running again! Don't let even one winter go by where you have to spend your precious weekends shoveling snow, especially if you have already invested in a snow melt system. After all, it may be just a minor repair that is needed. As a bonus to our customers, we here at Global Heating & Cooling wave our trip charge for all snow melt system repairs exceeding $150. Give us a call at (773) 801-3734 today!

Snow melt systems, also known as driveway heating systems, are appreciated by many. They warm your driveway or walkways during freezing temperatures, so that snow and ice do not accumulate - eliminating the need for shoveling and salting. However, for many reasons, sometimes a snow melt system may cease to work or may stop working as well as it did before. If this is happening with your snow melt system, Global Heating & Cooling can take care of it for you

There are four main components of a snow melt system:

  • 1A heating element embedded into the slab (either concrete, asphalt, or pavers)
  • 2Outdoor sensors which detect moisture and air temperature
  • 3Power Source
  • 4A controller that connects the sensors, power source, and heating element

Typically, when a system is malfunctioning, it is because of a problem with just one of the components. Global Heating & Cooling can help you determine which part of your system is not working correctly, and together we will develop a plan for repairing your system so that it is working like new again!

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