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Steam Humidifiers.

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There are two main types of humidifiers on the market: steam and evaporative. This page will address steam humidifiers.

Steam Humidifiers, as indicated by their name, create steam by boiling water. The steam is then directed into the home environment through a dispersion tube. The benefit of a steam humidifier is that it does not require a forced air system to operate if you select a whole-house model. Portable steam and evaporative humidifiers are also available that humidify one room at a time and do not connect to a central HVAC system. When you decide to have a whole-home steam humidifier professionally installed by Global Heating & Cooling, our experts will ask a couple of questions.

- What type of heating system is currently installed in your home?

- What is your preferred budget for humidifying your home?

- What is the natural climate like in and around your home?

- Are there rooms in your home that represent greater humidifying needs than others?

Steam humidifiers are available in various models. Small configurations are available that accommodate spaces the size of a closet, and there are whole-home humidifiers out there that accommodate a 6,000 square foot house. Most humidifiers feature automatic and manual modes, allowing you to set the humidifier for times when you are not home.

Global Heating & Cooling is made up of a team of industry experts. We know practically everything there is to know when it comes to humidifiers, and will work with you to find a solution perfect for you! Don't compromise comfort anymore! Our highly-qualified team can install your new home humidifier, and answer any questions that you might have.

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