Why Lennox Our Top Rated Air Conditioner Brand

April 11, 2021
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Lennox Air Conditioner

In this post we will discuss our top pick for Air Conditioner brands. With so many air conditioner brands to choose from trying to pick the best choice for your home can be frustrating. Some of our clients will spend days trying to make this very important decision. During a recent installation in Roscoe Village our client didn’t want to spend time deciding and simply asked what air conditioner brand is the best and without hesitation I said Lennox and heres why…

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Lennox air conditioners are the most efficient at all levels of quality. Nearly every AC Unit they produce is Energy Star certified for efficiency. Lennox has been an established name in the HVAC industry since 1895, and to this day are still producing some of the best central air conditioners on the market. They offer three tiers of air conditioning system:

  • Lennox Merit Series – BasicStandard of excellence. Merit is the introductory product line that raises the bar for heating and cooling equipment.
  • Lennox Elite Series BetterLennox promises of exceptional comfort and performance to the next level. This product family delivers remarkable efficiency. 
  • Dave Lennox Signature Collection BestSignature collection is the ultimate in creating the ideal home. From supreme efficiency to unprecedented performance, this product family delivers incomparable comfort. For those unwilling to settle for anything less than extraordinary, there is only one option.

Here is a link where you can compare the Lennox AC series


The range starts from a 13 SEER rating (Merit), right up to a remarkably high 28 SEER (Signature). 9 out of 11 models are Energy Star certified. This makes Lennox air conditioners one of the most efficient brands on the market. For this reason alone, Lennox units are best suited for hot climates where they’re likely to get a lot of use.

When looking for a highly efficient air conditioning unit Lennox is the best Air Conditioner brand. While Lennox units are popular due to their quality and top-of-the-line features, they are a few bucks more expensive compared to others. Even the low SEER rated models will cost you a lot more than similar products available on the market. However, you can’t go wrong in terms of high efficiency and reliability.

Let’s not forget the Warranty 

Lennox offers impressive warranties that vary by model. Merit and Elite models have separate warranties for the compressor and covered components. Merit units come with 5-year compressor and covered component warranties. Elite models come with 10-year compressor and 5-year covered component warranties. You can extend component warranties to 10 years on select Merit and Elite models by registering the product. Signature models come with 10-year compressor and covered component warranties. Similar to the Merit and Elite the warranty can be extended by 5 years on parts and 7 years on compressors by registering the product.


Many air conditioner manufacturers have sub brands, Lennox only has a few sub brands.

Lennox is much better than other manufacturers when it comes to sound levels. Lennox has thick insulation at the base or around the compressor, it absorbs much of the noise coming from the AC unit. When it comes to quiet equipment in the USA Lennox is at the top of the list.

Another well known brand that we install and service regularly is Carrier which has way more sub brands. Carrier sound levels are much louder than Lennox due to its construction and poor sound isolation. Another notable difference is that the parts for Carrier after the warranty are 4 times more expensive than Lennox. This is something people should consider when purchasing a new AC unit. Money saved upfront could wind up costing you in the long run.

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