What Recent Homeowners Have to Know About Their Air Conditioner

March 5, 2020
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Moving into your very own new home is definitely a very exciting time. However, behind the beautifully painted walls and underneath the delicately carpeted floors; there’s a lot that requires management and maintenance.

Being a new homeowner, you’ve to be careful about one of the most important aspects of any household; your HVAC system. It may look like that your builders have done their job right and that you don’t need to do anything else; however, you need to make sure that your air conditioner works in the best of its condition—particularly when spring season is almost here.

When it comes to maintaining your A/C in top condition, here is everything that you need you need to learn and follow.

Do Your Research

Being aware of the basics of your air conditioning system is an ideal way to begin your journey. Read the manufacturers manual that came with the cooling system thoroughly for a better understanding of its components. You don’t have to learn it word-by-word. You can just go through the major sections and important pointers and refer back to them whenever you’re faced with a problem with your A/C.

It’s also important to note that learning the entire manual by heart is not going to be a replacement for an HVAC expert.

Program Your Thermostat

Advanced cooling systems come with programmable thermostats that you can adjust according to your home’s temperature needs. You can save on your monthly utility bills by programming your thermostat in a way that it only works when you’re home. When you’re away on a holiday with your family, your thermostat will be at home reducing your energy bills.

Examine Your Air Filter

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Air filters are one of the most important, yet most commonly neglected parts of a cooling system. Regular inspection and maintenance your air filters will help you maintain the quality of air inside your home. Dirty air filters obstruct the flow of air inside your home, making your cooling system to work harder and consume more energy.

Every month, take off the air filters and remove all the dust and debris. Make sure you clean them gently to avoid any damage.

It’s best to hire expert HVAC contractors for regular maintenance and inspection of your air conditioner. At Global Heating and Heating, we offer high quality cooling system services, including ductless mini split cooling systems, old home air conditioning, thermostat repair and installation, air conditioner repair, humidifier installations, and Dehumidifier Installation Chicago.

For more information about our heating and cooling contractors 60642, call us at (773) 801-3734.

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