Gas vs. Electric Heating: What Option Works Better In Chicago?

March 23, 2020
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Similar to the debate on plastic vs. paper bags at the grocery stores, many homeowners in Chicago are wondering whether to install an electric heating system or a gas-based heating system in their homes. With the current temperature at 47° in Chicago it’s easy to assume that homeowners in Chicago are still in the process of installing new heating systems or replacing their old ones.

While both types of heating systems have their own set of benefits and unique features, making the right choice can be difficult if you haven’t purchased a heating system before.

In this blog, we’ve covered detailed information for both units to help you pick the right system based on your home’s structure and your affordability.

Types of Heating Systems for Homes

The most commonly used heating systems by homeowners in Chicago operate on gas, electricity, and liquid fuel. Some heating units based on gas and oil also require some power source for the fan motors and ignitions to work. Despite some functional differences, every home heating system consists of a furnace, a boiler, and a heat pump to maintain the indoor temperatures throughout the cold season. Comparatively, gas heaters are more cost-effective and reduce monthly energy bills, because gas is cheaper than electricity.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps usually operate on electricity. These units work as an air conditioning system during spring and summer and as heaters throughout the winters. As the name suggests, heat pumps allow the transfer of heated air equally to all the indoor spaces in your home during winters and pump the heat out during summers. However, it’s important to note that heat pumps in most electric heating systems become ineffective as the temperatures drop below 6°C. This is why electric heaters may not be suitable for regions with freezing climates.

BoilersGas vs. Electric Heating2

This component is only found in gas-based and oil-based heating systems. Boilers are multifunctional; they are used to heat the indoor air, and water used in your home. However, boilers aren’t effective for small apartments and homes; they are more suitable for joint-family living homes, large mansions, apartment complexes, and other large buildings.


Gas is comparatively cheaper than electricity in the United States, and for cold climate cities like Chicago, a gas furnace is a better option as compared to electric heaters. Gas furnaces may be expensive in terms of installation and purchase price; however, their low operation cost makes them efficient for homes that require heating throughout the year.

The biggest concern for gas heaters, however, is the safety as they release carbon monoxide and excessive exposure to this poisonous gas can be fatal. This risk can be eliminated by regular maintenance to prevent leakage.

Which One is Better?

A gas heating system is an excellent option if you’re based in a colder region because they have faster heating capabilities, and they’re more cost-effective to operate. However, to enjoy maximum comfort for countless months in a row, gas heaters require proper maintenance and care.

An electric heating system is a better option for homeowners based in warmer climatic zones with only one or two months of the winter season. They require less maintenance and have an extended useful life, which means you won’t have to worry about your heating system when it’s sitting idle during the summer season.

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