How to Safely Remove Snow from a Driveway

January 2, 2020
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Snow is all fun and great until you’re building a snowman and cozying up next to the fireplace. When it comes to blocked driveways, it’s anything but!

Blocked driveways are not only inconvenient but also quite dangerous since you could slip and injure yourself.

Here are some easy snow-removal hacks you need to know about:


Chemicals are one of the easiest ways to de-ice the driveway because little physical effort or human intervention is needed. If you’re not too fond of stepping out in the cold and shoveling, chemicals may be an easy solution.

These chemicals break the bond between the snow and the surface of the concrete driveway. Common chemicals used for the purpose are sodium magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and rock salt.

However, make sure you’re using these chemicals in the right quantity and the right method. Going overboard can harm the surface of the driveway or the nearby wildlife and vegetation. Heavy salts, in particular, are said to be corrosive and not recommended for driveways.

Make sure you’ve read up on the chemical’s properties. A better idea is to speak to a professional and get them to do it for you.


Safely Remove Snow

Shoveling is a time and labor-intensive process but compared to chemical use, the process is much eco-friendlier and safer. You might have to spend too much time out in the front yard with the cold wind blowing into your face but at least, you won’t be at the risk of burning your skin.

Shoveling is ideally a great idea if there isn’t too much snow outside. You could use both a plastic and metalhead shovel.

If you’ve got some extra money to spend, you may even do with a snowblower. These are a bit expensive but more effective and quicker than shoveling. However, you can’t use a snowblower over the entire snow. Some of it, that might have already bonded with the concrete, will have to be shoveled.

Snow-melt systems

Snowmelt systems are a better option compared to both chemicals and shoveling. The system comprises in-ground radiant heating that will make the snow melt away within minutes.

All you need to do is flick a switch and watch it melt. The system first detects the presence of snow with the help of underground sensors. The pipes beneath the surface have fluid running through them.

After the sensors are turned on, the fluid is heated and this, in return, heats the pipes. Since the pipes are embedded in concrete, they’re directly in touch with the surface and cause the snow to melt immediately.


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