Are Peerless Water Boilers Worth The Hype?

December 27, 2019
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Peerless water heaters have long been an ideal choice for the residents of Chicago. The Peerless Purefire is one of their bestsellers—a condensing boiler known for its longevity and durability. The company that’s based out of Bally, PA, specializes in boiler manufacture and has an extensive product line that caters to household demands at all scales.

In this post, we’ll be discussing peerless water heaters in detail and see whether they actually live up to the hype:

What are the most popular benefits?


Here are some of the functional benefits and features that set peerless water boilers apart:

  1. All peerless boilers have factory-tested burners. These boilers are ENERGY STAR® certified and manufactured as per government regulations.
  2. The company also manufactures low profile designs for households that are tight on space.
  3. Peerless has an extensive warranty program that guarantees years of comfort and use. The warranties can go up to the original cost of the boiler and last as long as for ten years.

The company recommends asking your installer/contractor to add an extended warranty to your purchase at the time of sale. Unlike other brands, Peerless’ warranty coverage doesn’t decrease over time. It remains the same throughout the duration of the warranty.

  1. One of the biggest benefits of a peerless water heater is that they don’t produce as much noise as most boilers do.
  2. They have a separate range for commercial boilers that can apply to a wide range of industries.


How is the product different?

When it comes to water heaters and steam systems, peerless offers two main options: cast iron and stainless steel. This allows homeowners to choose the right option for their budget and requirements. You can also choose between gas and oil-fired, depending on which fuel source is cheaper at that time.

Most of Peerless water heaters are direct-vent water heaters. In these heaters, the fuel combustion heats the water. In addition to that, they’re installed vertically and adjacent to the outside wall. This prevents the combustion fumes from making its way inside the residence. Just make sure no window is located near the vent.

You can also get your peerless boiler converted to either natural gas or LP gas. Another safety feature that peerless boilers come with is the direct spark ignition. Under this method, the flame sensor detects a flame and turns the ignition on. This is to prevent the buildup of un-ignited gas.

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