Signs That You Need A Reliable Fujitsu Heat Pump

February 27, 2020
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If you’ve been smart enough to invest in a Fujitsu heat pump and got it installed by our expert technicians, you wouldn’t have to face any such problems.

But if not, you might start noticing signs of an unreliable heating system in your heat pump. Don’t worry because we’re here to take care of all heat pump repairs.

Here are some signs of a malfunctioning heat pump.

Loss of Heat

It’s okay to panic if your heat pump has suddenly stopped producing heat and it’s freezing outdoors! But it’s not something we can’t work with so relax. The issue can be as minor as a thermostat adjustment so before you panic, try checking the thermostat.

However, if that’s not the case, you might want to inspect it further. If you’ve recently gotten a new thermostat installed, it could be because of that! This could be because of faulty installation or improper wiring.

If it’s not, check the circuit breaker. It could be a lack of power that’s causing the loss of heat.

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Making Noises

It’s not normal for you to hear rattling noises coming from your heat pump. This is probably because of some component that has come loose or hardware that’s out of place. Make sure the screws are fitted tightly. If the problem persists after screwing the nuts tighter, consult a professional.

Meanwhile, it’s important that you turn off the heat pump and alert us ASAP. Letting the unit to continue running might aggravate the damage and add on repair expenses.

Blowing Cold Air

Your vents aren’t supposed to blow cool air while the heat pump is running. If this is happening, you need to get your heat pump checked. There’s probably something wrong with the air handler or the thermostat.

However, while you’re checking the unit, bear in mind that heat pumps don’t dispel furnace-like hot air. The air it blows is fairly warm but not hot. So make sure you’re not misdiagnosing the problem and calling HVAC contractors for no reason. Sometimes, the system dispels cold air in order to prevent icing by going into defrost mode.

If the problem persists, try dialing up the thermostat settings to emergency settings. See if the unit blows out hot air at that point. If you feel warm air coming out of the vents, the problem then is not with the thermostat but the outdoor unit.

Faulty Cycling

The most common sign of a faulty heat pump cycle is that it can turn on and off on its own. This will make the system heat up because of a malfunctioning blower or a clogged air filter. While cleaning the air filter might solve the problem in some cases, in others, it might not.

The problem might be a faulty thermostat instead.  Or it might need fresh batteries or some adjustment in the settings.

The heat anticipator might fault when the room temperature shoots up or drops below the average range. You might even want to relax your heat pump by setting the thermostat on a comfortably low setting so that it doesn’t exert itself too much and stays functional for a long time.

If you still have doubts, you can always reach out to us. We’re trusted HVAC contractors who offer Heat Pump Installation Chicago to the residential and commercial community. Contact us right here for more information on their HVAC Repair company Chicago.

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