High-Quality Features that You’ll Find in Rheem Water Heaters

February 13, 2020
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Rheem has established a fail-safe reputation in the industry and continues to provide HVAC appliances that offer unbeatable performance. Their water heaters are also one of the most competitive in the market that enjoys an edge over others owing to their remarkable features.

These high-performing heaters efficiently adapt to your lifestyle and offer a solid performance to fulfill your heating needs for years to come. This is primarily why we choose to recommend Rheem as the brand of choice for a range of water heaters. They have proved to be a great investment for our customers and a promise of our reliability.

This brand of boilers undoubtedly offers a range of features that present an offer you cannot refuse. Here are a few key features that you should know.

Energy-Efficient Performance

Once you invest in a Rheem water heater, you wouldn’t have to worry about steep energy bills. This appliance is built with a system that saves up on energy consumption while maintaining optimal performance.

It comes with a hybrid electric heat pump that allows you to cut down on approximately $430 in your yearly energy bills. With average monthly bills higher than $100 per month, it’s no surprise that energy consumption is a major factor for investors when they’re purchasing water heaters for their homes.

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Mobile-Controlled Adjustments

You can now change the settings of your water heater with your smartphones. Rheem water heaters connect to your device and enable remote adjustments to make it more convenient for you. You can also get alerts on your phone for anything that might need an inspection. This ensures that your appliance is well-maintained and repaired on time.

Overheat Protection

Hard water contains high quantities of calcium and magnesium that can cause limescale to form within water heaters. Sedimentation of limescale at the base of water heaters can affect the efficiency and performance of your water heater. This will exert the appliance to consume greater energy to produce the same results. Thus, the appliance overheats.

With the film wrap overheat protection offered in Rheem heaters, the system shuts down when the machine is about to overheat. This preserves the appliance from damage and controls overheating.

Compact Design

These water heaters can be easily fit into any space because of their compact design. This is why they’re the brand of choice for most residential clients who are looking for space-saving water heaters to fit in their condo apartments.

If you’re looking for HVAC contractors Chicago that offer Rheem water heater installation and repairs, we’re here to serve. Contact us right here.

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