6 Boiler Problems That You Can Avoid With an NTI Model

February 11, 2020
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From cooking to showering, washing or even cleaning dishes—everything requires hot water in Chicago!

However, if your boiler crashes, you won’t be able to use hot water and resort to cold water for use. This can be very uncomfortable and a health risk as well.

This is why it’s best to invest in a good boiler such as the NTI model; rest assured that it’ll perform optimally for the promised lifetime at least. You also wouldn’t have to worry about spending bucks on plumbing repairs because, fortunately, you wouldn’t have many accidents.

No Hot Water

The worst possible case of boiler problems is when you run out of hot water. Surviving in Chicago cold is impossible without a running hot water supply. It could be because of a variety of reasons such as faulty motorized valves, airlock problems and lower levels of water.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

The severest spells of Chicago winters aren’t just bad for shower times or hair wash days but also for the condensate pipe. Since the temperatures commonly drop below freezing point, it can freeze the condensation within the pipes and cause a blockage. This triggers a back up into the boiler, which eventually shuts the system down and it’s no longer functional.

Pilot Light is Faulting

Any faults in the thermocouple can cause the pilot light to go out unexpectedly. This is usually because of a build-up of deposit or a drafty draught that’s affecting the pilot light. You need to get it repaired in order for the boiler to function effectively.

Kettling Sounds

Hard water can leave behind residues of limescale. This is calcium carbonate, which forms a chalky, white crust on the heat exchange of the boiler.

This can affect the water flow as the limescale salt deposits at the base of the boiler. When the boiler heats up, the salt also gets heated and expands inside to cause a kettle sound. The sound is an indication that your boiler needs a cleanup or a re-installation.

Boiler Problems2

Loss of Pressure

It’s no use having hot water in the pipes if it’s only going to trickle down. Loss of water pressure can often be caused by plumbing leaks. However, in some cases, it’s due to bleeding radiators. In either case, this issue can’t be resolved without professional repairs.

Boiler Turns Off On Its Own

If your boiler is turning off on its own, it’s probably a plumbing issue and not a supernatural scare. There are many reasons why this might be happening including a broken pump, faulty valves, low pressure, problematic thermostat or air block in the system. It’s better to call a pro for your Thermostat installation Chicago and not try DIY hacks on it.

If you’re looking for HVAC contractors in Chicago that offer boiler repair Chicago, we’re the company to call. Contact us right here.

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