Top Causes of Furnace Failures

February 18, 2020
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With Chicago temperatures hitting record lows at -27 degrees Celsius, locals have little faith left in the weather. It’s practically impossible to survive the cold without a functioning heating system inside houses. That means that the demand for furnaces is steep!

And since our lives depend on it, we can’t afford to see the furnace failing on any (cold) day. But since they’re running round the clock, maintenance issues and damages do happen. Here are some common causes of failures in furnaces that can be avoided with regular repairs.

Broken Thermostat

It’s common for furnace thermometers to decalibrate or suffer damage over time. This will affect the furnace as it controls whether the furnace will trigger or not. Damages to the furnace thermometer occur due to over-usage or improper maintenance. Even if there hasn’t been a significant accident that could damage the thermometer, it’s best to get it checked once the furnace has been in use for some time.

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Clogged Filters

Filters are part of furnaces so that they can filter out the dust. This automatically means that they collect dirt over time and can become clogged if they’re not cleaned on time. Running your furnace with clogged filters can compromise on their efficiency. They’ll have to exert more to produce the same results and this consumes more energy.

Pilot Light Failures

The igniter or the pilot light is a fundamental part of the furnace. It’s responsible for firing up the fuel so that the furnace begins to function. Pilot light failures can mean that the furnace is unable to fire up.

This can bring the heating system to a standstill and your house will be left at the mercy of the Chicago cold. If you’re keen on getting your furnace maintained promptly, you’ll be able to identify pilot light failures early on.

Blower Motor Failure

It’s all due to the blower motor that hot air is able to circulate inside the house. In the case of blower motor failure, your furnace will be rendered useless. Regardless of the efficiency of your furnace, the heat wouldn’t move around and there’ll be cold regions in the house.

There are many reasons why your blower motor may fail. One is that it’s probably being over-exerted and has completed its lifetime. Another could be because it has gotten clogged. If you haven’t been regular with the maintenance of your ductwork, it could lead to permanent failures resulting in the need for repairs.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, call us right away. We offer Furnace repair 60622 and Furnace Installation Services Chicago and can help fix any problems in your furnace. Let’s beat the cold together!

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