3 Reasons Why You Need a Ductless Mini Split Cooling System

November 21, 2019
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Energy bills in Chicago are sky-rocketing! And the best way to combat such inflationary pressures is to be careful about our energy consumption.

Make it a habit to turn your heating and cooling system off when you don’t need them. Other than that, invest in energy-efficient systems. A ductless mini split cooling system is one such system.

Here’s why it’s a must-have:

Ideal for room additions

Ductless cooling systems are useful for both commercial and residential applications. They’re especially known to be beneficial for multi-family houses or buildings that have add-ons.

You can also get them for small apartments or room additions, as you can’t extend the existing distribution ductwork to a new room that has just been added to a facility. You can also get this system if your home is based on a non-ducted heating system.

They allow you to cool or heat individual rooms by creating specific temperature zones. Most models can be used for as many as four zones, just with one outdoor unit. You’ll need four different indoor air handling units for this purpose, though. The number depends on the number of rooms.

Ease of installation

Just like any other central heating or cooling system, a ductless mini system comprises two main units—an outdoor condenser and an indoor unit. Other than that, you need basic fixtures like refrigerant tubing, condensate drains, and suction tubes to connect the units.

They’re easier to install because the link between the outdoor and indoor unit only requires you to make about a three-inch hole in the wall. There is no need to pay for the installation of costly ducts. This also helps you control your energy wastage, since duct losses account for 30% of total energy consumption.

A cheaper option

As stated above, a ductless system offers room-to-room cooling control. This gives you greater control over the temperature of each zone. You can use the air unit handler and adjust the temperature in a way that the bedrooms are colder than the living room. In short, you’re not wasting energy where you don’t need it. This helps you control your operational costs too.

Other than that, you no longer have to install ducts in areas where you don’t even spend time—for example, the attic.

If you’re looking for the right service to install a Ductless Mini Split systems Chicago for you in Chicago, there’s no better option than Global Heating and Cooling. We have been serving residents of Chicago with heating and cooling system repairs for the past 15 years as a HVAC Repair company Chicago.

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