3 Causes of Water Leaking From AC Vents

October 3, 2019
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No one wants constant water leaks ruining their newly painted walls or home décor. If your home has been freshly renovated and the furniture is new, water leaks are nothing short of a nightmare.

More than the costs associated with the leaks, they’re also quite embarrassing; we’re sure you don’t want water droplets falling on top of your guests during family dinners.

The kind of leaks we’re discussing today are those which occur in ACs and exit through their vents. Let’s take a look at some of the causes of such leaks:

Clogged drain line

AC vents often leak if too much water gets accumulated in the drain lines. This water forces its way upward into the air ducts and causes them to overflow.

This problem occurs when the AC system is either wrongly installed or is installed in the upper area of the house, especially the attic.

If moisture accumulates in the drain lines for too long, they may even fall prey to rusting and corroding. Rust diminishes its efficiency and also shortens its lifespan.

Clogged drain line

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Since winter will soon make its way to your home, you need to be extra careful about this one.

At times, the evaporator coils become frozen due to extreme temperatures. When temperatures fall again, this ice can melt and the water makes its way inside the AC vents and on to your new carpet.

The exact spot where it’s frozen can be quite tricky to locate, and therefore, the task falls to the expertise of a professional.

Refrigerant leak

The chemical that circulates inside the compressor and cools the air is known as a refrigerant.

Refrigerant leaks don’t cause as much water to leak compared to clogged drains, but the issue still needs to be addressed. This mostly happens when refrigerant levels drop too low. This prevents the AC from effectively removing hot air from the inside.

This means that water stays in the coils for too long and is more likely to freeze. This water can then drip out of the vents after it gets condensed.

If there’s water leaking from your vents and the AC airflow also appears to be low, look for refrigerant levels.


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