Why You Need to Keep Rodents Away From Your Cooling Systems

May 26, 2020
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Air conditioners are among the coziest spaces for small animals like rats, which is why it’s advisable to follow standard safety and hygiene guidelines. A major chunk of air conditioner problems are caused by rats and other rodents, so while regular maintenance and timely repairs are important, these measures aren’t getting to the root of the problem.

A better way to ensure smooth HVAC operations is to try to prevent these malfunctions, instead of just fixing them. This blog post will talk about how rodents can cause air conditioner problems, and how you can keep them away from your unit.

Rodents Can Chew Up Your Wires

Mice and rodents are known to gnaw through everything they come across, including wires. This can cause breakdowns and malfunctions. To keep your air conditioner safe and working smoothly, it is important to keep these tiny critters away from your units.

The easiest way to prevent rats getting into your air conditioning unit is to properly cover them up, but it’s also important to contact your HVAC repairs company to inspect and fix any damage that has already been done.

Airflow Can Be Affected

If one of these creatures manages to enter the return vents, they can obstruct airflow, leading to extra pressure being put on your cooling system. This eventually forces the machine to use extra power to make up for the blockage.

This can lead to damage, and sometimes, may even cause the entire system to collapse—making it all the more important to take measures to keep these tiny animals away from your machine.

Can Lead To An Unpleasant Smell

Rats are known for damaging electrical wiring and damaging electrical appliances, but there is also something else that they are known for: unpleasant smells! If rats have found a home in your AC unit, it’s only a matter of time before they contaminate the air your air conditioner produces and make it unpleasant to smell.

This will not only make your house an uncomfortable place to stay in for you, but will also put off any guests who visit.

Even though the rat problem can be solved by taking the necessary precautions, the damage done will need to be inspected and fixed by a team of professionals to ensure the smooth functioning of your cooling systems.


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