4 Common Heat Pump Questions Answered

February 4, 2020
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Heat pumps are a great invention in the world of heating and cooling. This standalone appliance can provide heating or cooling to a home. They are compact and work efficiently too. Homeowners are still wary of this technology, which is why it isn’t as common as it could be.

We’ve covered some frequently asked questions regarding this technology:

What is a heat pump?

A head pump is made up of two components; one has refrigeration technology that provides cooling and heating. They can be used in commercial spaces as well.

The condenser of this system is placed outside the home where the heating and cooling takes place. The indoor unit is placed on the wall where the cold or hot air is released.

What are the benefits of having one?

Since a heat pump uses electricity to heat and cool an area, it’s known to have greater energy efficiency. Traditional heating appliances, on the other hand, cost more and use up finite natural resources.

The electricity consumed by this appliance is used to power only two fans, the condenser and evaporator, as well as the pimp and compressor. Heat pumps can provide over 3 units of heat per unit of electricity consumed, making it energy efficient up to 300%.

Your energy bills are likely to go down by an average of $75 a month, which is a remarkable saving.

What is a defrost cycle?

On very cold days, the outdoor component of a heat pump tends to freeze over. The ice that forms over the system is thawed with the air conditioning mode. You don’t have to be alarmed as it’s a normal process to take care of the excess ice.

What is the difference between earth-to-air and air-to-air heat pumps?

An air source heat pump or an air-to-air heat pump transfers heat from the outdoor indoors. The earth-to-air heat pump, on the other hand, used geothermal heat to warm up the indoors.

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