Radiant Floor Heating: Why You Should Consider Installing it at Your Home

September 24, 2019
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There are many counterintuitive things we do to give our body the warmth it needs during winters. Sitting in a corner of your room because you can feel the warmth coming from a water heating pipe in the walls or placing your hand a few inches above a hot stove are just few of them.

When heat travels from a hot surface to nearby people or objects, the process is known as radiant heating.

The good news is that you can get a radiant heating system for your house’s floor. Although winters are a few months away, the sooner you invest in such a system, the cheaper it will be. Let’s see how it works:

How does radiant floor heating work?

According to the US Department of Energy, radiant floor heating follows the principles of convection. When the floor is heated, warm air naturally rises and spreads all across the room.

The most common type of radiant flooring used for residential purposes is the electric radiant floor. In this method, special electrically conductive mats are spread at sub-floor level, i.e. below the tiles of your floor.

For better efficiency, you can get a thermal mass attached to the floor. The thermal mass is capable of retaining heat energy for eight to ten hours and will keep the house warm for long intervals.

How does radiant floor heating work?

What are the benefits?

Here’s why you need to invest in a radiant floor heating system for the winter season in advance:

  1. No duct losses:

Since there is no ductwork involved, there aren’t any chances of leakage. You won’t have to pay for bi-annual maintenance visits to get the ducts de-clogged, cleaned, or replaced.

  1. Comfort:

A radiant floor heating system evenly spreads heat and keeps temperatures optimum and pleasant. It’s vastly different from sitting next to a heating source and experiencing uncomfortably high levels of heat hitting you straight in the face. The top level of your floor won’t become unbearably hot. The overall temperature of the room will be moderate and comfortable.

  1. Aesthetics:

If you’re big on home décor, you probably don’t want huge electric heaters to ruin the aesthetics of your living room. Conventional electric heaters won’t always match the rest of your furniture and usually take too much wall space. On the other hand, a radiant floor heating system is invisible. There will no boilers, heaters, and pipes dominating the living room design.


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