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HVAC units offer a one-time solution to temperature management in both the heat and the cold. However, over the course of time, because of extreme temperatures, regular use and potential electrical faults, your HVAC systems can break down. Malfunctions don’t only take the form of breakdowns—you also face the risk of rising electricity bills since faulty wiring can make your HVAC units inefficient.

Global Heating and Cooling in Chicago offers an extensive range of HVAC maintenance services to help you keep your temperature control systems efficient and functional for a long time. We’ve been working in the industry for years, offering premium maintenance services for both residential and commercial HVAC systems.

It’s important that you have professional installers fit your HVAC system to prevent any technical problems from faulty installations. We realize that it can be pretty inconvenient to have workmen around your residence or offices, getting in the way, so we make sure that we complete installations flawlessly and quickly to reduce the hassle. We also offer after-installation services like maintenance and repair services for your HVACs.

We also offer HVAC repair and maintenance services for your climate control systems, irrespective of the vendor or installer. You can schedule routine maintenance checks for your office HVAC and for your residence, where we can identify any potential problems and eliminate any possible threats to your HVAC.

We offer cost-effective solutions for your HVAC repair needs. We offer expert advice and extend the lives of your HVAC systems to make sure that you don’t need replacements or pay higher bills because of minor malfunctions.

The full range of our HVAC repair services in West Loop include:

  • Installations for UNICO Systems.
  • Routine maintenance checks for commercial and residential HVACs.
  • HVAC installation in both residential and commercial locations.
  • Consultancy and repairs for HVACS to make sure that these continue functioning as well as they did when they were installed.

We offer our services across major areas in Chicago, including:

  • West Town
  • Wicker Park
  • Gold Coast
  • Old Town
  • Bucktown
  • Lakeview
  • East Lincoln Park
  • Lincoln Square
  • Roscoe Village
  • West Loop
  • River North
  • River West
  • South Loop
  • Dearborn Park
  • North Halsted
  • Park West
  • Ranch Triangle
  • North Center

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