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HVACs are very sensitive pieces of equipment which are more prone to breakdowns as time passes. Considering the climate extremes particular to Chicago, your HVAC system’s likely to breakdown often unless you work with HVAC specialists to maintain and repair them. In fact, many people aren’t even aware of their HVACs malfunctioning and keep on paying huge energy bills thinking that’s how HVACs work—it takes an experienced technician to fix all of that.

Global Heating and Cooling has been working in Chicago for years offering expert HVAC maintenance services. We can repair radiators, furnaces, humidifiers and dehumidifiers to have your HVACs working as good as new. We are now offering our services in River West to help restore and install you HVAC systems.

We offer HVAC maintenance, repair and installation services for both residential and commercial HVACs to do away with the need for replacements. A new HVAC is pretty expensive, and you can’t keep replacing them every year or continue paying huge energy bills because of some fault in the system. We guarantee that our technicians will restore your HVACs to their original conditions within short time spans, reducing your electricity costs and preventing a full system breakdown.

We offer specialist HVAC repairs and maintenance systems for old HVACs, offering timely technical assistance in the case of breakdowns. Additionally, our technicians complete HVAC installations without becoming a hassle for your household or your offices. There’s no HVAC repair job that we can’t complete nor any system that we can’t install— Global Heating and Cooling offers the best possible services every time.

The offer the following HVAC services in River North include:

  • Installing UNICO Systems and taking on long-term maintenance.
  • Maintenance of old and new HVACs in commercial and residential settings.
  • Installation of HVAC systems in residences and commercial offices.
  • Specialist repair and maintenance of old HVAC systems.

We offer our services across major areas in Chicago, including:

  • West Town
  • Wicker Park
  • Gold Coast
  • Old Town
  • Bucktown
  • Lakeview
  • East Lincoln Park
  • Lincoln Square
  • Roscoe Village
  • West Loop
  • River North
  • River West
  • South Loop
  • Dearborn Park
  • North Halsted
  • Park West
  • Ranch Triangle
  • North Center

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