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Air Conditioner Repair.

Has the weather just reached a point where open windows do not provide enough relief from the climbing heat?

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“This company literally saved me and my dog. My AC went out and it was ridiculously so hot inside that even a fan wasn't helping. I called them and they were able to come the same day and fix it. They explained what happened, how they were going to fix it, and the price. After googling what they told me they would do and doing some "price" research I gave them the go ahead. The house cooled down and they even called a couple hours later to check how everything was. Also, because if COVID, they called when they were outside and asked my safety guidelines. They asked if I wanted to meet them through the door or window, whatever I was comfortable with. (I saw them through the door) They wore masks and gloves. And had shoe covers just in case they needed to come in. All in all the service was great! Price was fair and me and my dog are loving our cool houser”

Miri Y.
Home Owner

Your AC in need of some TLC?

The beginning of the summer, when an air conditioner is switched on for the first time in months, is the most common time for it to malfunction. Don't wait until the heat is unbearable, call Global Heating & Cooling today at (773) 801-3734 so that our professionals can get your air conditioning system thriving again!

Our service technicians are ready to resolve your air conditioning repairs fast and efficiently, no matter what brand of system you own or how small or large the repair.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Low levels of refrigerant - If the refrigerant (the chemical responsible for cooling the air) is low your system will not operate correctly. If you find that your refrigerant is low after having the unit charged in the not-to-distant past, this could indicate that there is a leak that needs to be repaired.

Fan not working - The fan's job in an air conditioning system is to move the warm air from your home to outside of your home. Fan malfunction can lead to overheating in your air conditioning unit and can even possibly cause irreversible internal compressor damage. If you notice your fan is not working correctly, get it repaired before running your air conditioner again.

Frozen coil - If the coil is frozen it could indicate a few potential issues: compromised air flow, dirty air filter, obstructed ductwork, or low refrigerant.

Not turning on - If your entire unit will simply not turn on, don't jump to replacing it just yet. It may be due to an easy-to-fix problem such as wiring. It could even represent a problem not with the air conditioner itself, but with the thermostat.

Because we know how important it is for you and your family to be comfortable and safe, we are dedicated to repairing your air conditioner in a prompt, professional and affordable manner. Global Heating & Cooling. Call us today at (773) 801-3734!

Repaired 2 Carrier Blowers

Since your old AC unit contains cooling refrigerants that can harm the environment, it is highly irresponsible (and even illegal!) to throw it in the trash. Fortunately, our contractors are familiar with current safety codes and will properly dispose of your old equipment.

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Are you searching for ways to reduce your energy usage, or is your existing air conditioning system inoperable? If so, Global Heating & Cooling can help you determine the most efficient and effective air conditioner replacement solution for your home.